13th station Cross.

Who are the two on both sides of Mary?

In the image of The13th Station of the Cross, it is accepted that the two others depicted along side Jesus and his mother were Mary Magdalene and the disciple John.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Matthew stated that Jesus’s followers fled in fear of persecution but watched from a distance including Mary Magdalene and Mary the wife of Clophas. The Gospels of Mark and Luke were similar. But the gospel of John was very different.

The disciple John was the only one with a very different depiction. He wrote that there were many women and one disciple near the cross. Three of those women were Jesus’s mother, Mary the wife of Clophas and Mary Magdalene. John was the only one to mention that Jesus’s mother Mary was even present at the crucifixion. They were not at a distance but close enough to hear and speak to Jesus. The disciple that is not named was often referred by John as “Beloved Disciple”. John wrote of information that the others did not. John himself is believed to be the “Beloved Disciple” at Jesus’s side. Also John is also the only one to speak of the roman soldier who pierced Jesus’s side to confirm that he was dead.

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Prost, Cheers 2 u Germans!

The German equivalents of “Cheers!” or “Bottoms up!” is Prost! But for more formal events like a birthday, retirement or marriage, Trinksprüche or Tischreden are used as a toast. 

In danish it’s used for when people sneeze. It’s has been used several times on Hogan’s Heroes. You may hear it at events like Octoberfest. I even read somewhere that a guy had it as the logo on the front of his camper. If you are now just learning the word then pay attention and you will start seeing it used. Prost, what a great word for Scrabble, the board game.


Eagle Ridge Resort – The General Store

Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa’s gift and wine shop, The General Store is now displaying and selling the prints of “Galena” and “Prost”. A great not so little get away tucked away in the hills just outside of the town of Galena, Il.

Eagle Ridge Resort, Galena, IL

Eagle Ridge Resort, Galena, IL

“Prost” Wine Painting, Promiseland Winery

The latest work “Prost” is now on display and for sale at Promiseland Winery in Guttenburg, Iowa. Color, color and more color or is that more and more dots? Gothenburg is tucked between the Limestone Bluffs and the Mississippi River. A historic German community.

Giclee Sizes Available: 
8″ x 10″ – $49.00
14″ x 18″ – $79.99
18″ x 22″ – $99.95
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Poster Available:
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Sound Board Magazine

Soundboard Magazine, America’s Leading Classical Guitar Organization. A national publication. I created the cover with a very simple design so that the wording would not be lost. The bright color scheme worked and is typical of my style.

Elizabeth Bollwitt- ArtbyBollwitt - Soundboard magazine

Elizabeth Bollwitt- ArtbyBollwitt – Soundboard magazine

Player Poster, Abstract Blues

Player Painting Poster


I have found that many people would like to buy the art but don’t want to spend the higher amount for prints on canvas.  Also they aren’t really interested in long term keep and in fact make changes as to what they hang from time to time.  Basically looking for something that they really like for little money. Not much else matters.  I think that most can relate to this concept. So here is one of many.  Size: 18″ x 24″.  It is a poster print.  The edges are large enough so that you can frame it without a mat. Personally I like it in a simple black frame. The player can be viewed for purchase at: http://artbybollwitt.com/product/player-poster/  and other posters available can be seen at: http://artbybollwitt.com/product-category/posters/  I am working on many other works….