"Prost" painting at V.-Sattui-Winery, Elizabeth Bollwit, ArtByBollwitt

V. Sattui Winery

"Prost" painting at V.-Sattui-Winery, Elizabeth Bollwit, ArtByBollwitt

I now have a reason for taking a trip to St. Helena, CA! V. Sattui Winery is a family-owned winery established in 1885-located in St. Helena, in the heart of California’s famous Napa Valley.  I would like to thank the owners of V. Sattui Winery for displaying and selling my work in their family operated business!

Pointillism Wine Painting

Thou Art Gallery, Anamosa IA

Anamosa, IA. Thouart Gallery artworkYou can now see my work displayed in “Thou Art Gallery” in Anamosa, IA.  Anamosa has a historical destination appeal to many people.  One appealing aspect of Anamosa is the large draw from Iowa City, Iowa and all over the east central part of the state.  Visiting places like Tyler Downing’s Eatery, Daily Creek Winery, Tucker’s Tavern, Scooters Bar & Grill and Of course J&P cycles. I have not done anything local except for Park Farm Winery in Bankston Iowa. Otherwise I have exhibited in New York City and Miami Florida for the most part.  So if you are in Anamosa check out “Thou Art Gallery” and tell them that you read about my work online be it Facebook, Twitter or my blog at www.artbybollwitt.com.

Pointillism, Marketing Business Cards

Take Your Pick

When asked “Do you have a business card?” The answer now is “Sure, pick one.” Most only have one. It is taken and thrown out or is put somewhere to be forgotten no matter how well the intent. As an artist, you want to stand out from other’s work and to make an impression that is hard to forget. When I feather these cards out it looks like a deck of cards. Just a little different to make my work stand out from others and to make a lasting impression. The QR codes take you to the actual work on https://www.artbybollwitt.com. Not just to the home page of my website.  Everything with a purpose.

Business Cards

Business Cards

Wave Print

The closer that you are to the work, the less defined the whole image looks. As you gain distance, the image blends and becomes more clear. As the painting progressed, I had to step back for a day or so out of frustration. I then picked up where I left off.  My personal favorites are abstracts. When beginning a painting that is all dots, I have to put down thousands of dots before it looks like there is much of anything on the canvas. Abstracts come more easily and are the most rewarding. Most of my work has a abstract feel to them anyway.

This painting started out as a mushroom but drifted another direction. There is a certain swell of water like movement in this painting. It reminded me of the surfing wave when I was in Costa Rica. Hence the “Wave”. Close up you can see thousands of dots. As you step back, the image becomes more clear. The human eye will blend the colored dots to form the scene.  This is the largest(48″ x48″) piece of artwork that I have created to date. The size combined with the tedious task of layering dots has taken years to complete. The “Wave”, has gone through many changes over the past 3 years.

Beautifully crafted prints
Poster Print:
18″ x 24″ – $29.99

Giclees (Reproductions on Canvas)
24″ x 24″ – $249.99
36″ x 36″ – $499.99
48″ x48″ – $699.99 (original size)


Bitcoins Accepted!


I met a nerdy computer guy about three years ago.  He was telling me about Bitcoins.  It didn’t make much sense nor did it sound reasonable but given our tech age, I guess it does seem like a logical next step.  I’ve decided to say hello and welcome a virtual currency called Bitcoins. You order as usual.  You will have the option of using Bitcoins as a form of payment which will also show you the current exchange rate. You will have one hour to make payment.  I hope this is helpful!

“We are Free Because They were Brave” Poster

flagpostercropThe “We are Free Because They were Brave”, poster is now available for sale. It’s size is 18″ x 24″.  I can do custom sizes and will be adding other sizes in the near future in both posters and giclees.  The original is 24″ x 36″.  The subject matter is very traditional.  I like to take traditional concepts and do something a little different with my own twist in a way that a person says something like, “Normally I wouldn’t buy a flag painting or print but this one is different. Very unique, I’ll take it.”  I’ve heard that many times and it never gets old. Speaking of traditional, I am still looking for the perfect barn.  Guess we will have to get out on the Harley more this summer with the camera and continue the hunt.

guitarGICLEEThe “Guitar” art giclee series is now for sale.  There are 4 different sizes of the “Guitar” art giclee prints available. A giclee is a reproduction on canvas.  Pigment based inks are used to print this image onto the canvases.  Pigment ink is the same type of paint that I use on my originals.  So if I like, I can add to any giclee and sometimes I do add more paint.  An itch to do something a little different. It varies based on mood and time.