Prost, Cheers 2 u Germans!

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The German equivalents of “Cheers!” or “Bottoms up!” is Prost! But for more formal events like a birthday, retirement or marriage, Trinksprüche or Tischreden are used as a toast.  In danish it’s used for when people sneeze. It’s has been used several times on … Continued


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Three 18″ x 36″ canvas making for one big painting. Old windows and building are cool but at the same time they feel cold and haunted when alone… Even with someone else, they still feel haunted. Bold color, typical. Poster Sizes … Continued

“Prost” Wine Painting, Promiseland Winery

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The latest work “Prost” is now on display and for sale at Promiseland Winery in Guttenburg, Iowa. Color, color and more color or is that more and more dots? Gothenburg is tucked between the Limestone Bluffs and the Mississippi River. A … Continued

Sound Board Magazine

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Soundboard Magazine, America’s Leading Classical Guitar Organization. A national publication. I created the cover with a very simple design so that the wording would not be lost. The bright color scheme worked and is typical of my style.