13th Station Cross 30"x40"
13th Station Cross 30″x40″

“I am new to buying art.  And I only have few works to date.  In fact I was in Miami and bought your fruit painting.  I am no fancy art person.  But, I have traveled around the world and been to many museums.  And have seen a lot.  I thought your style of using dots was unique.  The individual dots made up larger round swirling patterns that you string together to create the form.  My description may not be the best.  But it has a very flowing effect that resembles a liquid. Christ’s body is good example. Also, how you use colors that may not be true to real life was also interesting.  Although, many artist have done that in the past.  I like the more abstract quality it brings.”  Paul, New York, NY

About the Aritst
Elizabeth is a self taught published artist. Using a technique known as pointillism, she layers colored dots while being certain to keep the look of the dots present and the subject matter clear. As you step back from her art and style, the image becomes more clear and vibrant. The closer you are to the art, the painting becomes less defined. Born and raised in Iowa with a B.A. in Computers, a minor in art and a background in publising and marketing. Currently Elizabeth is pursing a more commerical approach with themes for businesses in niche markets. Her originals are very time consuming and take several weeks to complete. As a result her focus has been on high end reproductions. Elizabeth primarly works with arcylic paint on canvas.

“Ms. Bollwitt paints with an organized brushstroke, allowing the viewer to abstract from the scene a bit. There is a solidity to Ms. Bollwitt’s images that belies their fluidity. The boldness of the paintings, combined with their bright and dynamic color makes Ms. Bollwitt’s work remarkably appealing and worthy of consideration.”

Owner, Executive Director Curator Whitney Gallery, New York , NY

Gallery Representation
Art Fusion Gallery, Miami
Thou Art Art Gallery Anamosa, IA
Whitney Gallery Chelsea,New York, NY

Retail outlets
V. Sattui Winery, Napa Valley, CA
Stone Cliff Winery, dubuque, IA
The Winery at Willow Creek, Abilene, TX
Park Farm winery, Bankston, IA
Girls Day Out, Monticello, IA
I Love Chicago, O’hare International Airport Chicago, IL
PromiseLand Winery, Guttenburg, IA
Eagle Ridge, Galena, IL

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  1. Beautiful!

  2. Your art is as beautiful as ever….I hope all is well.

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