Laughing Guy, Last one first

Laughing Guy, Last One First

Let’s start with the last one first.The shimmering light hitting the metal created a light to dark shadowing. This made picking a color scheme a fairly natural choice. Red, greens, yellows and blues dominate this image but the pastel colors of magenta came easily. Laughing Guy was the last image to be placed. While adding the last three images I kept telling myself, no not another one. Frustrated with the need to fill every bit of space, After emailing Rebecca, she had some good ideas. Yeah that would work, maybe not that and a what’s that. It felt great to finish the last piece of space. Laughing Guy, Last one first.

Laughing guys were first installed in 2009. Tourist flow to mimic and take their pictures with what has quickly become one of Vancouver’s most recognizable statues. Located in Morton Park, right next to English Bay. Picking just one was as difficult as every other difficult decision that came with creating this painting.  Personally it’s stuff like this that completely keeps me entertained. I don’t need fine dining or a night out but give me a park bench, fresh air and something fun like this, I’m good.

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Vancouver Infused, 21 awesome views, Vancouver BC, Pointillism

Vancouver Infused, Story time

Vancouver Infused story time

I am sitting on my couch and writing today which hasn’t happened it in over a year.  I figured about 1000 hours of time painting Vancouver Infused, Story time. All paintings tell a story but this one tells over 20.  It originally started out with only 9 images, Yale Hotel, Vogue Theatre, BC Place, Science World, the Burrard Bridge, Gastown Steam Clock, the Sinclair Centre, sail boat and Woodward’s big W. These subjects didn’t fill the space like once thought. It got busy fast and I didn’t just want it to be one big blob with no direction. The Burrard Bridge was the perfect divider between the hustle of the city and the beauty of the Twin Peak Mountains. (Twin Peak Moutains are the Lions peaks on the North Shore).

That divide lent itself to more than its intended design of structure. The Lion’s gate bridge was the bridge of first choice but it was too high and made painting any details not possible. I compromised and put the Lion from the Lion’s Gate Bridge in the bottom right hand corner. I will go into these images and more in the next several post.

I am currently working closely with my sister-in-law, Rebecca Bollwitt, BC’s Most Award Winning Blogger, Publisher of Co-Founder of sixty4media and co-Author of Blogging to Drive Business. Working together has not only made this my most challenging/difficult work but my best work as well. Vancouver Infused, Story time


Kiwi Series, Sliced, Halved & blownup

Kiwi Series, Sliced, Halved & blownup

I seldom do small works but when I do it has proven best to take simple subjects and go for detail as best I can given my style. Great facts about the Kiwi. Kiwi Series, Sliced, Halved & blownup. You can’t see the underlying colors of blue and red but they are there. I then layered the different levels of green/yellow to the colors that you see ontop. Without those colors the greens would be very dull and void of the detail in the dots. You can view and or purchase the poster print at “Kiwi and Strawberries

Kiwi Series, Sliced, Halved & blownup

Kiwi Series, Sliced, Halved & blownup

Lion statues, Lion's Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC

Lion statues, Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC

Lion statues, Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC. The struggle with color when using grey. White and black are a value of grey. The absorption of all color is black and the reflection of all color is white. It’s a no wonder that these two vales and all the values in-between the two is such a difficult task for me. So now that I’ve decided to add color, what color and how to apply it? When in doubt my answer to everything is color. When I was a kid in a Catholic school, my answer to everything was Jesus. As an artist, my saving grace is color. Grace is a virtue and A blend like a grayish green or red? I believe blue is out unless I replace or add blue to the black. Mostly I do not want to loose the statue features of the stone/concrete.

The colors and shapes are coming together.  BC Place, Science World, the Sinclair Centre, the Burrard Bridge and the Vogue Theater. There are several other subject matters on this painting and I’m still trying to work in a few others. I’ve been asked for poster prints which will be available at the end. Lion statues, Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC.



Vancouver BC painting 4 Instagram

Vancouver BC painting 4 Instagram

For clarity, I’ve opted to re-start my blog for my most current work of the Vancouver BC painting 4 Instagram purposes. So if you go back to old post you may find some things being slightly repeated but the images will be new.  I’ve been plugging along with this painting for the past several months in between tending to business. Now that it’s nearing being more done than not done, consistency and timeliness is front and center. Subject matters keep getting added as the painting progresses.  There are so many things to see, do, eat, go, play, explore, wine, water, learn. I know that my last sentence does not flow but the words just popped out with the thought and I didn’t go back to edit. Very much in the spirit of this painting. Included are: Granville Island, Sinclair Centre, The Yale Hotel, Girl in the wet suit at Stanley Park, The big W atop Woodward’s, The Burrand Bridge, Gastown Vancouver Steam Clock, BC Place, The Vogue Theater, Science World, The lions from The Lion Bridge, the Maple Leaf and an Orca. I may be adding Canada BC and the Vancouver Coat of Arms. The enemy is space. Fill it up, fill it up. The original is 24″ x 48″.

Vancouver BC painting 4 Instagram

Vancouver, BC, Yale Hotel

Yale Hotel BLOGVancouver, BC, Yale Hotel was originally named the Colonial Hotel when it opened in 1889 but has been the Yale Hotel since 1907. The Yale was built to house and entertain the workers at the nearby CPR rail yards. The original Granville Bridge was completed the same year that the Colonial Hotel was opened. In 1909 the second Granville Bridge was completed. So Granville and the Yale Hotel grew together. Granville is another focal point with this painting which I will cover in a different post.


At this time there was little else in this area.  Gastown was the centre of early Vancouver’s downtown. Tracking the changes in the Yale can give interesting insight into development patterns in this part of town as the Yale has a curious tie to one of Vancouver’s evolving landmark structures, the Granville Bridge. The original bridge was completed the same year the Colonial opened, the second Granville Bridge was completed only 2 years after the Colonial became the Yale, and its most recent renovation coincides with seismic upgrades taking place on the current Granville Bridge. As this part of Granville grows, the Yale continues to grow with it. The Colonial was a three-storey wooden structure with a top-floor dedicated hotel and a basement used as stables.

the iconic building at the corner of Drake and Granville