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Laughing Guy, Last One First

Laughing Guy, Last one first

Let’s start with the last one first.The shimmering light hitting the metal created a light to dark shadowing. This made picking a color scheme a fairly natural choice. Red, greens, yellows and blues dominate this image but the pastel colors of magenta came easily. Laughing Guy was the last image to be placed. While adding the last three images I kept telling myself, no not another one. Frustrated with the need to fill every bit of space, After emailing Rebecca, she had some good ideas. Yeah that would work, maybe not that and a what’s that. It felt great to finish the last piece of space. Laughing Guy, Last one first.

Laughing guys were first installed in 2009. Tourist flow to mimic and take their pictures with what has quickly become one of Vancouver’s most recognizable statues. Located in Morton Park, right next to English Bay. Picking just one was as difficult as every other difficult decision that came with creating this painting.  Personally it’s stuff like this that completely keeps me entertained. I don’t need fine dining or a night out but give me a park bench, fresh air and something fun like this, I’m good.

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