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Vancouver Infused, Story time

Vancouver Infused, 21 awesome views, Vancouver BC, Pointillism

Vancouver Infused story time

I am sitting on my couch and writing today which hasn’t happened it in over a year.  I figured about 1000 hours of time painting Vancouver Infused, Story time. All paintings tell a story but this one tells over 20.  It originally started out with only 9 images, Yale Hotel, Vogue Theatre, BC Place, Science World, the Burrard Bridge, Gastown Steam Clock, the Sinclair Centre, sail boat and Woodward’s big W. These subjects didn’t fill the space like once thought. It got busy fast and I didn’t just want it to be one big blob with no direction. The Burrard Bridge was the perfect divider between the hustle of the city and the beauty of the Twin Peak Mountains. (Twin Peak Moutains are the Lions peaks on the North Shore).

That divide lent itself to more than its intended design of structure. The Lion’s gate bridge was the bridge of first choice but it was too high and made painting any details not possible. I compromised and put the Lion from the Lion’s Gate Bridge in the bottom right hand corner. I will go into these images and more in the next several post.

I am currently working closely with my sister-in-law, Rebecca Bollwitt, BC’s Most Award Winning Blogger, Publisher of Co-Founder of sixty4media and co-Author of Blogging to Drive Business. Working together has not only made this my most challenging/difficult work but my best work as well. Vancouver Infused, Story time


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