The Plush Fluidity of Color

ProstFRAMEDOTS make the ART.  Elizabeth’s painting style is known as pointillism. Entirely done with dots.

The fluid swishy motion takes off the rough edges, lends to distortion and blends imperfections. This seems to be the one aspect that captures the most attention.

The combination of her style and talent takes the singularness of one dot and creates the unity of thousands.

Prost! A german word for cheers. Cheers to to good food, great wine and laughter with friends & family. “Prost” comes from the Latin word “prodesse”, meaning “may it be good/beneficial to you”. It’s just an all around great word. Elizabeth’s German/Latin heritage.

An awesome review from 1 Wine DudeOne of the top 10 wine blogs in the US.

Poster Available (as shown)
18″ x 24″ – $29.99

Also available as a giclee (print on canvas)
8″ x 10″ – $49.99
14″ x 18″ – 118.9
18″ x 22″ – $139.65
24″ x 30″ – $219.99 (original size)