Lion statues, Lion's Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC

Lion statues, Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC

Lion statues, Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC. The struggle with color when using grey. White and black are a value of grey. The absorption of all color is black and the reflection of all color is white. It’s a no wonder that these two vales and all the values in-between the two is such a difficult task for me. So now that I’ve decided to add color, what color and how to apply it? When in doubt my answer to everything is color. When I was a kid in a Catholic school, my answer to everything was Jesus. As an artist, my saving grace is color. Grace is a virtue and A blend like a grayish green or red? I believe blue is out unless I replace or add blue to the black. Mostly I do not want to loose the statue features of the stone/concrete.

The colors and shapes are coming together.  BC Place, Science World, the Sinclair Centre, the Burrard Bridge and the Vogue Theater. There are several other subject matters on this painting and I’m still trying to work in a few others. I’ve been asked for poster prints which will be available at the end. Lion statues, Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC.



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