Vancouver, BC. Newest Project.

In the works for Vancouver, BC. It’s 24″ x 48″, so the progress will seem slow, very slow. Believe me when I say slow. I will be posting as it progresses. What do you think?” I asked. Daughter, “But you’ve been working on it a long time”. I think she just felt bad for me.

I’ve started a new painting inspired by sister-in-law’s love for her hometown of Vancouver, BC. You can see her blog at which is dedicated to Vancouver. She gave me some ideas and then I went from there. This is a rather large canvas for my style but had to be done in order to get it all in.

Across the top is the Burrard Bridge. An Art Deco styled five lane steel truss bridge built in the early 30’s in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Burrard Bridge was proclaimed, “A Symphony of Steel and Concrete,” by one newspaper’s headline when it was opened in 1932. Of all the bridges in Vancouver, I choose the Burrard for it’s grand presents and detail. It has a castle/moat feel to it.  I was looking for a subject that would separate the untouched sky and mountains from the action of the city in this painting. I ruled out the Lions Gate, the Alex Fraiser and the Port Mann Bridges. They all are are elegant in presence but the detail could not be obtained with my pointillistic technique. The limits were set by the their high suspension style. I did consider the Pattullo Bridge but all the work of trying to make different bridges worked all went to the waste side when I say the Burrard.

I will be detailing the other structures and images as I go like the Gastown Steam Clock, the Yale Hotel, and the Science World.

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