13th station Cross.

Who are the two on both sides of Mary?

In the image of The13th Station of the Cross, it is accepted that the two others depicted along side Jesus and his mother were Mary Magdalene and the disciple John.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Matthew stated that Jesus’s followers fled in fear of persecution but watched from a distance including Mary Magdalene and Mary the wife of Clophas. The Gospels of Mark and Luke were similar. But the gospel of John was very different.

The disciple John was the only one with a very different depiction. He wrote that there were many women and one disciple near the cross. Three of those women were Jesus’s mother, Mary the wife of Clophas and Mary Magdalene. John was the only one to mention that Jesus’s mother Mary was even present at the crucifixion. They were not at a distance but close enough to hear and speak to Jesus. The disciple that is not named was often referred by John as “Beloved Disciple”. John wrote of information that the others did not. John himself is believed to be the “Beloved Disciple” at Jesus’s side. Also John is also the only one to speak of the roman soldier who pierced Jesus’s side to confirm that he was dead.

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