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Why do Women like Wine?

Napa Valley, a big-hearted reputation in a small territory. Close to half of Napa county’s visitors come from within the state of California. Over 800 wine brands produced by over 400 wineries. Most of the wineries are family owned operations. The top three inspired reasons that people visit Napa are for the wines, food and shopping, including art.

Above is the art print called “PROST”. A German word for cheers! High end reproductions on canvas can be viewed at V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena, California( Napa Valley). Elizabeth’s style is known as pointillism. You will find different definitions or techniques but the original creator was George Seurat. Elizabeth uses layered primary colored dots. Completely DOTS.

An awesome review from 1 Wine Dude. One of the top 10 wine blogs in the US.

Poster Available (shown above)
18″ x 24″ – $29.99

Also available as a giclee (print on canvas)
8″ x 10″ – $49.99
14″ x 18″ – 4118.95
18″ x 22″ – $139.65
24″ x 30″ – $219.99 (original size)

2 thoughts on “Why do Women like Wine?

  1. As an art student in high school I luuuved pointillism and tried the technique more than once. “Prost” is a beautiful piece, and as a wine lover myself I appreciate the subject matter as well as the artist’s skill. As luck would have it, tomorrow I am starting a college painting class — roughly 30 years after my H.S. graduation — and am so glad I visited your site to be reminded of the beauty of pointillism! Best of luck to you!

    (I got here by following a link from the 1 Wine Dude blog, FYI)

    1. You are very kind. Joe Roberts of 1 Wine Dude was very easy to work with. He does look at many many many wine related items and chooses few to review. With that I can not thank him enough. For you, enjoy your class. If you get something out of it and it motivates you then don’t let it die. Enjoying never gets old.

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